Wednesday, July 21, 2010



so, guess who is a proseller at Zazzle? no sillies, it's me!

I worked my buns off for this. I guess that's when i started to wonder what it took to become a pro-seller, and thats one of the reasons why I did the questionaire a few days ago on here. and now here I am. Now I can go and answer my own thread

But I got to tell you, selling at galleries and street fairs is so much easier. Yea, it's a pain, but I have never done this much work.

So what does this all mean? well, it means I sold a few things, and then after that, I am not quite sure yet.

I did find out there is a private forum for pro sellers. I was surprised by that, and a little annoyed by it. Not because they have their own forums, but because not everyone could read it. (I'm a Quaker remember). I just have a hard time with the 'elite' status. I guess I wouldn't be so annoyed by it if everyone could at least read it, but you don't even know its there until you get your little badge. What's that about?

To me, pro-seller was just about selling more stuff. Even though it's not a competition, you still put so much time in trying to sell your stuff, that when you finally sell something, you feel really good, not only that you sold something, but that someone actually likes your stuff. You feel validated in an odd way.

but when you sell a bunch of stuff, you feel even better. :)

One of the reasons I decided to sell on-line was really quite simple. My son. I don't really talk about my sons on my blog too much, but my son has autism. We adopted him, he came from such a horrific past. He was so much easier to handle when he was little, but he got older and more behaviors.

So why Zazzle? well, its very hard to work full time with a child with autism. I had to cut my hours, take a lesser paying job with less responsibility.

I ended up going back to my old passion. Art. When I got older, my art would take a back burner to everything else. There are more important things to do in this life then paint pictures. So I just kind did the responsibility stuff.

Well, when you become so stressed, one needs an outlet. So I went back to what I do to keep sane. Art. But I didn't have a studio anymore so I set up a little corner in my house with a bunch of sharpies. I even got those watercolor sharpies. Oh what fun. It was easy, simple and if I needed to stop I can just stop and the clean-up was much easier then when I did oils. :)

Well, then enter Zazzle. Joined Zazzle and made some products. Now I am a proseller. I had this grand idea that I could stay home and work on my store so I can be home full time with my son. But isn't that a dream for all artist, to work and get paid for what you love to do. But you know what, I have a long way to go to get there.

But it's really nice to sell items here and there and to know people like my products. So on we go.


  1. Congratulations! I like your art very much and your 'products' are great so I'm surprised to learn that you weren't already a 'Pro'. Very sorry to hear about your son - must be quite a challenge!

  2. Yay! Congratulations!! ((happy dances)).
    I don't think the forum is so much of an elite status. It's one of Zazzle's incentives to sell and do your best. There are a few other little perks, too. This is my first time hearing about your son. I have a little sister (though, she's not so little anymore) with Autism. She is 17, going on 18 next month. How old is your son?

  3. Well done, I am so pleased for you, other things in my life have been prioritized above Zazzle, so I have had little success with it, but I do know how much work it involves. All women who manage to work whilst bringing up children should be commended, it is just so hard. I too was annoyed when I learned via a forum post about the 'secret' pro seller forum. I am just aching to know what they talk about!!

  4. Congratulations and every success for the future!