Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Daphne says

I came across these products over at zazzle and I got to tell you, they are so darn cute. I am a huge animal lover and you can tell by looking at daphne says shop (I dare you say that 10 times real fast) that you will see what i mean.

Daphne Says shop is a store with products that are inspired by her puppy and her feline step-siblings. She has a great selection of products for the pet lover and many are customizable with your own pet's pics. Here are a couple of her designs, they are perfect for the holiday season:

Dear Santa, good cat ~Customizable! cardDear Santa, good dog ~Customizable! card

Adoption/ Baby Photo Arrival Cards

Adoption is such a joyous occasion and sometimes gets overlooked by family and friends. But these cute adoption baby announcements are perfect for the newbie parents. Just change the photo its that easy.

Your not adopting, do not worry, these baby announcements can be used for you too. They also make baby shower invites, just customize the dates and such

Baby Announcement cardBaby Announcement card

These cards were made with love by adoption_gifts


Clean_World bring you these cute business cards from their 'words of hope' collection. You can customize them to your liking. If you have any questions, visit them at their store to contact them.

Even though our lives are getting more and more complicated, these elegant business cards will put some simplicity and class into your own personal business card.

So go check out their collection of their wonderful products. I personal love the simplicity on them.

Words of Hope Business card profilecardWords of Hope Business card profilecard

abstract designs

These odd looking cards are great for the younger generation. With our cool abstract design, any young adult would love them, or even old. Their vibrant and colorful and created on high quality card stock, these note cards are the perfect way to keep in touch with family and friends.

My inspiration for the cards were simplicity and clean. But yet have a message which would be interperated differently for every reads it.

Just click on one of the cards and it will bring you to the shop.

doodle art card card'life goes on' surreal greeting card card

Must keep up

every once in a while i just start spreading myself to thin. For folks who sell their products on line get glued to their computer screen around this time of year. So we work and work and hopefully it will pay off.

Well, cyber monday has come and gone It was actually worse then last year. I checked with the other folks and they too have had bad problems with cyber monday.

Im hoping things pick up some. I actually joined project wonderful to take out some ads. I never really paid for advertising, so im a little nervous how this all works.

First off, i dont even understand the language all that well, but I just keep reading and reading.

I'll keep you all posted.

I am actually thinking of starting to promote other great designers on my blog. They are all so talented.

So there you go, i will keep you all updated to see if paid ads actually bring in the big bucks. Not in my lifetime anyway..lol

Monday, November 15, 2010

Fun Christmas Photo Magnets

OK guys, I ran into these cute photo magnets. They are like little scrapbook pages on magnets. I just love them I ordered quite a few for the family. They make great stocking stuffers for everyone.

christmas magnets magnetchristmas magnets magnetphoto magnets magnetJoy and happiness photo magnet magnetchristmas magnet magnetJoy and happiness photo magnet magnetchristmas magnets magnet

Saturday, November 13, 2010

fun christmas ornaments

So zazzle comes out with these new christmas ornaments. I couldnt resist to create my own. Here are the few I made. I love picture produts, so of course i had to make some of those.

photo oval ornament ornamentphoto oval ornament ornamentphoto oval ornament ornament photo oval ornament ornamentBaby Boy First Christmas Tshirt ornament ornamentBaby Boy First Christmas star ornament ornament