Thursday, February 3, 2011

Just to be grateful

Love will immediately enter into any mind that truly wants it.

After two days off due to the snow, it's time to go back to work. Ive been working with homeless drug addicts families. Yep, you heard that right, families. Its very much of a challenge as they feed off of each other, plus, when you put their children is the mix, it gets even harder.

We have two new born babies in the hospital that are now withdrawing from methodone. The whole thing is so sad, but at least the mothers stayed off the drugs while she was pregnant.

There are so many things to be grateful for these days. I have to keep that up front when I try to help these people.

the other day I had two men complaining that they have to shovel the walkway (not the driveway) but the walkway. They felt that the 'program' should do it.

I just looked at them and asked how much do they pay for rent and/or condo fees that would allow the 'program' to hire someone. They pay nothing to be there.

One of them stated "well, my welfare check is cut because I live here so I am paying".

I just looked at him and stated "where does 'welfare' come from, where do you think that money comes from? uh, that would be me".

Then I stated, "look down the street, you see those developmentally challenged people shoveling their snow? They aren't complaining"

I try so hard not to be judgemental, and working with this population makes it hard. But when one family makes it, or one person makes it and changes their lives, then wasn't it all worth it?

Ive been working with this population for 16 years, I am looking to change. I went on a job interview and they called me again for a second. I met the clients that I will be working, a mentally ill population. The interviews went great, she said she will call me by the end of last week. She did call my references. I havnt heard anything yet, so I'm now on the fence of if I should call her. I know she stated she had 6 people she was interviewing.

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  1. Best wishes Sloane! :)
    it pays to be 'grateful' indeed....i know it does for me...i have been a bit challenged by the very small apartment i moved to (for financial reasons), but truth be told, i live very well compared to a lot of folks who are struggling both here and abroad...
    it helps me to calibrate my perspective in prayer...
    talk soon,