Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Birdhouse Chime

Sam made this cool new birdhouse chime. I just love it.

Im losy at taking pictures, thats probably half my problem. sorry, but didnt edit the background to be all white, I just didnt have the time. Here is the bottom part.

So, a little more about this Primitive American birdhouse chimes is made of wood and has one hole for your feathered friend. It also has wood dowel for its perch. The chimes sound perfect in the wind and is anchored by a wooden star to go with the Americana decor. Its also has a rope that makes it ready to be hung in a instant. Perfect for your country home. (how does that sound? do I sound like a salesmen?

Oh, the size, i forgot:

size of birdhouse:
H: 7 1/2"
W: 4"

with chimes
H: 25"

To Purchase, click here

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