Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grapevine Twig Swag

I am finding that working full time, keeping up with the blog, doing the house work, tending to the kids 'issues' and their summer camps, I really am just popped!

I have been finding myself saying 'put it off till tomorrow' and then by tomorrow, by tomorrow, by tomorrow, the place feels like a pig pen.

Plus, our little dog has not been well and has been leaving some 'loose' presents for me around the house. The poor thing.

Ok, whats new in the craft world. Well, first off, we have a new crater, her name is Carol, but shes been busy taking photos of her work. Once we start posting, Ill let you know more about her.

But for now, I want to leave you with one of Abrams cool 'twig sag'.

Its made out of Grapevine Twig and it is amazing how he does this.

These are actually one of his best sellers, this 24" Natural Grapevine Twig Swag is perfect for country primitive home decor.

SO many ideas on what to do. Place the twig swag on a mantle, create a door swag or an over window swag. Natural Grapevine Twig Swag is the perfect bases for silk and dried flowers.

we use these a lot in our shop to really bring out the country feel.

Whats even better, he is only charging 14.00. You know I have a few in my home..lol

To Purchase, click here

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