Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New Shop

Well, I am now an official seller on 'by these hands', I am really excited about it and its something I can afford. They were running a special. "Special Promotion Coming to an End - The final 1,000 sellers who sign up for a Premier Seller's Shop will be able to do so for the low monthly fee of $2.95 FOR LIFE!" So how could I beat that?

Plus, I love the layout of the store, I think its so simple looking.

My only issue is there is no forum. I love to

I am not even sure if its a new site, it doesnt seem very active, which of course can be a good thing as there are not that many sellers on there, but then again, it could be a bad thing as no one is

only time will tell I guess.

So, go check out my little shop and let me know what you think.

quaker crafts

To Purchase, click here

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